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Thursday 16 April 2015

A RECENT Kids Magic Show 'BREAKTHROUGH' by MagicMan HongWei On 11 April

 Kids Comedy Fun Magic Show by MagicMan HongWei on 11 April 2015 For Birthday Girl Jazlyn

Last week I was hired to entertain people at a 1 year old kid's birthday party happening in an elegant condominium's event hall in Singapore's Yishun Ave 6 Lilydale.

 Instead of 'Rushin to work' the moment I arrived. I arrived a half an hour earlier, and while drinking 1 packet of  yogurt  I truly just 'hung out.' I really felt like I was just another guest at the party.

During the magic and mentalism effects, I would open things up for other small things to happen.

After 20 mins I started performing, I started with a few opening effects to Break The Ice  in the atmosphere such as Appearing And Vanishing Lights and Appearin flowers from my bare hands...
I heard response from a cute little boy saying that "Wow !! he's eating FIRE!!"(although Its light)

Little moments like this sparkle imagination( THATS a magicians best friend!!!!)

I purposely gave my performance a "BREAKING POINT". By telling the audience I am thirsty and I need a extra LARGE "drink".  Unfortunately I could not drank it as the STRAW I had was TOO SMALL for a extra LARGE "drink".  So I tried to improvise by APPEARING an 8 foot Straw.
All the audience was shocked.

I also performed many other comedy routine such as TORN paper to Bouquets....  And some cool card Miracles that involved the audience. 

When I made some mistakes at some point I improvised by turning it into a comedy splinting wands routine. And that left my audience to have as sense of WONDER and Amazement.....

AFTER the FUN and Comedy Magic Show I proceeded to 30 minutes of balloon sculpting.  The Balloons were quite well Receive. A cute boy asked me to make different balloons for several times.
I felt very blessed and excited that Evening .......

More than ever, I really focused on being relaxed and helping people FEEL GOOD. And the magic tricks, well, they were just one of my modes of "transport" to make that happen.

P.S. :After performance the host told me that my magical skills is very impressive ;)

It was a great night!

MagicMan HongWei

Live Kids Fun Comedy Magic Show by MagicMan HongWei


Some little moments of the night:

Singapore's Funniest Magician - MagicMan HongWei has been entertaining audiences across the country with his Singapore context comedy magic shows. This certainly isn't an ordinary magic show, and MagicMan HongWei is definitely not an Extra ordinary . Double Confirm!!! hahaha

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