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Wednesday 31 December 2014

Birthday/Countdown 2015 COMEDY Magic LIVE by MagicMan HongWei

Birthday/Countdown 2015 COMEDY Stage Magic by MagicMan HongWei 

Recently I was being hired by one of my Client Uncle Jolly  to perform for his Birthday/Countdown Party at Singapore Thomson Community Club Stage Magic on the 31st December 2014 . It was a fun time performing miracles for them. We enjoyed our time very much as we have a lot of fun, laughter, and excitement.

And instead of 'getting right to work' the moment I arrived as I usually do, I arrived a little early, and while sipping (half!) a glass of chinese tea I truly just 'hung out.' I chatted with people, have some light snacks, and really felt like I was just another guest at the party.

I gave myself more permission than usual, just to follow conversations away from my unusual skills, and towards whatever people really felt like chatting about. Even during the magic and mentalism effects, I would open things up for other small MIRACLES to happen....

 I found myself digging deep into my repertoire and really mixing-up my sets. And the variety warded off that all too familiar feeling of a 'walking through a routine.'

All I can say is no two performers perform the same way..... People will NOT remember me by the trick (cos its like a puzzle). They will remember me by my unique connection/presentation to audience. That is REAL MAGIC....

Check out our miracle moments on this 23 minute Magical video ;)

After you have watched the above video you have noticed that I have got great reactions from my audiences.
I have met many different audience from all different races. Great magic connections can come from anywhere!! ;) ;) Some of the audience are very humorous too......

Check out some of the exciting and fun moments!! :

The famous stunt (Swallowing Sword!!! WTF!!!!)

Another feat of mine the floating chrome ball WTH !!!

Having a fun time with Bobby the toilet Roll and my selected audience... haha
You guys must be thinking that cheesy tricks with TOILET Roll is stupid.... 
But when you GUYS watch this LIVE I swear to lord You guys are goin to make one of this toilet roll at Home...
haha... just for laughs....

Praying and Saying the magic word.....

Lastly I going to Share with you guys THE TESTIMONIAL I received from Client Jolly on my performance
on 31/12/2014 (My Last Show of the Year).

Testimonial From My Client Uncle Jolly:

04 Jan 2015


My birthday's celebration recently on 31 Dec was made even more memorable by Magic Man, Hong Wei.  His magic and his abilities to interact well with the mostly adult audience made his entire performance that night even more fun and entertaining.

I would recommend this credible young Magic Man to anyone who wants to have a more memorable celebration.
Jolly Wee

Client's Birthday/Countdown to 2015 STAND-UP COMEDY Magic Live By MagicMan HongWei

Proudly brought to you by Creative Magic Inc
Hope you enjoy ;)

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