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Tuesday 10 November 2015


We live in a world exploding with mind-bending new technologies. And very few of us are able to explain in detail, the art and science behind these wonders. But I hardly ever hear someone ask, "How does that work?"...unless I've just performed a simple magic trick!
I try my best to present my magic, as something more than just 'puzzles to be figured out.' But when people inevitably ask, "How did you do that?" here are a few replies I've given over the years...
#1:"I have a few theories, but I'm still not sure." (Or, "I was hoping you could tell ME.") I really like the humility of this playful reply, but some people DO find it a bit annoying.
#2:"I didn't do it. Your mind did." It's honest and accurate, but it tends to just inspire more questions.
#3:"If I told you I'd have to kill you." As hack as it is, this reply almost always gets a good laugh from people. And it's a fun way to let people know, you have NO intention of telling them how you did it.
#4:" It's a secret." This is one of my personal favorites, because I can deliver it in a great many ways.
Like many younger performers, when I first started exploring the art of magic, I was very focused on the 'secret methods.' But in the past couple of decades, I'm far more interested in the presentation and psychology of my performances. And I've discovered that, the less I focus on the 'secrets' of my tricks, the less other people ask, "How did you do that?"
Another marvelous indication of just how much our audiences are willing to follow our lead. Let's lead them somewhere interesting!

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