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Thursday 6 March 2014

Chinese New Year Stage Magic 2014 By MagicMan HongWei

Chinese New Year Stage Magic By MagicMan HongWei 

Recently I was being invited by Toa Payoh Zone 6 RC to perform a Chinese New Year(CNY) themed Stage Magic. It was a fun time performing miracles for them. We enjoyed our time very much.

I arrived a little early, and while sipping (half!) a glass of Chinese tea I truly just 'hung out.' I chatted with people,  and really felt like I was just another guest at the party.

I gave myself more permission than usual, just to follow conversations away from my unusual skills, and towards whatever people really felt like chatting about. Even during the magic and mentalism effects, I would open things up for other small MIRACLES to happen....

 I found myself digging deep into my repertoire and really mixing-up my sets. And the variety warded off that all too familiar feeling of a 'walking through a routine.' I also found myself feeing a little nervous... Which I will definitely work on it and improve.... ;) lols

Check out our miracle moments on this 2 part Magical video ;)

After you have watched the above video you have noticed that I have got great reactions from my audiences.
I have met many different audience from all different races but the majority are Chinese as they are celebrating CNY.

check out some of the cool moments:

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